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PA-Sen: Uncovering Pat Toomey's (R) Newsletter, 4/24/15 Edition
Received this e-mail from Joe Sestak's (D. PA) U.S. Senate campaign today: Sen. Toomey says one thing in ...
poopdogcomedy 04/27/2015 8 4 - -
MD-Sen: Donna Edwards (D) Fights Back Against Fast Tracking The TPP
Received this e-mail from Rep. Donna Edwards' (D. MD) U.S. Senate campaign:
poopdogcomedy 04/20/2015 10 15 - -
PA-Sen: Uncovering Pat Toomey's (R) Newsletter, 4/17/15 Edition
Received this e-mail from Joe Sestak's (D. PA) U.S. Senate campaign today:
poopdogcomedy 04/20/2015 1 5 - -
MO-Sen: Jason Kander (D) Speaks Out Against The TPP & Highlights How It Hurts Jobs In Missouri
Missouri Secretary of State and U.S. Senate candidate Jason Kander (D. MO) just posted this video on his campaign website where he speaks out against fast tracking the Trans-Pacific ...
poopdogcomedy 04/17/2015 4 11 1 -
PA-Sen: Bob Casey (D) Fights Back Against Fast Tracking The TPP
He's not up for re-election but my home state U.S. Senator Bob Casey, Jr. (D) has a terrific record on labor and he's helping in leading the fight to stop fast tracking the T.P.P.:
poopdogcomedy 04/17/2015 2 18 2 -
IA-Sen: WH Press Sec. Slams Grassley (R) Of Being 'Duplicitous' For Delaying Loretta Lynch Nom.
BOOM! White ...
poopdogcomedy 04/17/2015 1 8 - -
FL-Sen: Alan Grayson (D) Moving Closer To Senate Run
Looks like there might be a real Democratic primary in the battle to take outgoing Senator Marco Rubio's (R. FL) seat:
poopdogcomedy 04/16/2015 6 5 - -
WI-Sen: New Marquette University Poll Has Russ Feingold (D) Leading Ron Johnson (R) 54-38
This better prompt Russ Feingold (D. WI) to jump in and take back his Senate seat:
poopdogcomedy 04/16/2015 13 26 - -
IL, CA & MD-Sen: Duckworth (D), Harris (D) & Edwards (D) Keep Up The Fight For Equal Pay
Received this e-mail today from Rep. Tammy Duckworth's (D. IL) U.S. Senate campaign on behalf of herself and California Attorney General Kamala Harris (D. CA) and Rep. Donna Edwards' (D. MD) U.S. ...
poopdogcomedy 04/14/2015 2 2 - -
PA-Sen: Uncovering Pat Toomey's (R) Newsletter, 4/13/15 Edition
Received this e-mail today from Joe Sestak's (D. PA) U.S. Senate campaign:
poopdogcomedy 04/13/2015 1 5 - -
AK-Sen: CREDO Action Goes After Lisa Murkowksi's (R) Plan To Privatize American Public Lands
Received this e-mail today from CREDO Action:
poopdogcomedy 04/13/2015 6 10 - -
MT-Gov: Steve Bullock (D) Lampoons Koch Group Over 'Millions Of Montanans' Goof
poopdogcomedy 04/13/2015 6 31 - -
FL-Sen: Patrick Murphy (D), "Raise Your Water Bottles & Bid Farewell To Marco Rubio (R)"
Received this e-mail today from Rep. Patrick Murphy's (D. FL) U.S. Senate campaign:
poopdogcomedy 04/13/2015 21 21 - -
IL, MO & OH-Sen: Franken (D. MN) Helps Duckworth (D), Kander (D) & Strickland (D) Get Ready To Win
Wanted to pass this e-mail along from one of my favorite U.S. Senators in support of these three great candidates:
poopdogcomedy 04/08/2015 3 9 - -
NC-Gov: PPP Shows A Close Race Between McCrory (R) & Cooper (D)
Gov. Pat McCrory (R. NC) There a few big Governor races next year in states like Montana, Indiana, West Virginia, Washington and North Dakota. But North Carolina is already looking like a seriously ...
poopdogcomedy 04/08/2015 12 8 - -
OH-Sen: Ted Strickland (D), "The TPP Fails America"
Received this e-mail today from former Governor Ted Strickland (D. OH) U.S. Senate campaign:
poopdogcomedy 04/08/2015 5 8 - -
NY-Sen: CREDO Action Goes After Chuck Schumer (D) On Iran
poopdogcomedy 04/08/2015 61 144 2 -
PA-Sen: Tell Pat Toomey (R) To Stop Playing Politics With Women's Lives
Happy Friday to you all! Before you embark on your Holiday weekend, I wanted to pass along this e-mail I received from Keystone Progress regarding Tea Party U.S. Senator Pat Toomey (R. PA)
poopdogcomedy 04/03/2015 7 7 - -
IN-Sen: Al Franken (D. MN) Encourages David Letterman To Run For Senate
I grew up in a David Letterman household and while I'm excited for Stephen Colbert to be taking over, I am sad to see Letterman hang it up. Being a native of the Hoosier state, Letterman ...
poopdogcomedy 04/02/2015 21 25 - -
UT-Sen: Even Mike Lee (R) Won't Endorse Ted Cruz (R. TX) For President
Womp womp:
poopdogcomedy 03/24/2015 16 12 - -
IN-Sen: Dan Coats (R) Will Not Seek Re-Election
This isn't that surprising:
poopdogcomedy 03/24/2015 5 8 - -
PA-Sen: Wall Street's Pat Toomey (R) Leads The Latest Attack On The CFPB
poopdogcomedy 03/20/2015 3 5 - -
OR-Sen: CREDO Action Now Going After Ron Wyden (D) On The TPP
Received this e-mail today from CREDO Action: The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a secretive trade deal being ...
poopdogcomedy 03/20/2015 4 15 - -
OR-Sen: Labor Putting The Pressure On Ron Wyden (D) Over TPP
Good: Union leaders and rank-and-file ...
poopdogcomedy 03/19/2015 25 25 1 -
IL-Sen: Kirk (R) Likens Dems' Refusal To Support Anti-Trafficking Bill To Refusal To Abolish Slavery
poopdogcomedy 03/19/2015 10 12 - -
MD-Sen: Social Security Fight Heats Up In Senate Race
As you may or may not know, the top two contenders in Democratic primary to succeed retiring U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski (D. MD) are Reps. Chris Van Hollen (D. MD) and Donna Edwards (D. ...
poopdogcomedy 03/19/2015 4 9 - -
PA-Sen: Uncovering Pat Toomey's (R) Newsletter, 3/13/15 Edition
Received this e-mail today from Joe Sestak's (D. PA) U.S. Senate campaign: ...
poopdogcomedy 03/16/2015 4 10 - -
PA-Sen: Have A Question For Joe Sestak (D) About The Upcoming Senate Race? Submit Them Here!
Hello fellow Kossacks! I've had the privilege to interview politicians like Rep. Ted Deutch (D. FL-21) and former U.S. Senator Mark Begich (D. AK) in the past but this upcoming interview I ...
poopdogcomedy 03/12/2015 15 8 - -
WI-Sen: PPP Has Russ Feingold (D) Leading Ron Johnson (R) 50-41
This should put a smile on your face:
poopdogcomedy 03/11/2015 22 42 - -
MD-Sen: PCCC & DFA Pushing To Draft Donna Edwards (D) To Run For Senate
Received two e-mails today regarding the Maryland U.S. Senate Race. First ...
poopdogcomedy 03/05/2015 24 11 - -
KY-Sen: Rand Paul (R), "I Gave Bibi 50 Standing Ovations!"
So conservatives are giving Tea Party Senator Rand Paul (R. KY) grief over this:
poopdogcomedy 03/04/2015 15 9 - -
PA-Sen: VoteVets Gets Behind Joe Sestak's (D) Campaign
Received this e-mail today and it brought a smile to my face: Six years ago, in an impossible year for ...
poopdogcomedy 03/04/2015 2 6 - -
OR-Sen: Working Families Party Threatens Contest Against Ron Wyden (D) Over TPP
Shit just got real:
poopdogcomedy 03/04/2015 16 12 - -
MD-Sen: Martin O'Malley (D) Passes On U.S. Senate Run
Well this answers one question:
poopdogcomedy 03/03/2015 15 11 - -
OH-Sen: Jennifer Brunner Mends Fences With Strickland (D), Signals Support For His U.S. Senate Bid
There have been some here who have been worried about former Governor Ted Strickland's (D. OH) U.S. Senate run and how he might have baggage with certain Ohio Democrats. Well this should alleviate ...
poopdogcomedy 03/03/2015 8 7 - -
PA-Sen: Joe Sestak (D) Will Officially Kick Off Campaign In Philly On Wednesday
Wanted to pass this along: PHILADELPHIA, PA -- Admiral Joe Sestak will officially ...
poopdogcomedy 03/02/2015 8 10 - -
Chicago Mayor: DFA Helps Chuy Garcia (D) Get Ready To Defeat Rahm Emanuel
Received this e-mail today from Democracy for America: Today's Chicago Sun-Times ...
poopdogcomedy 03/02/2015 13 49 - -
OH-Sen: Ted Strickland (D) Gets Behind $15 Minimum Wage Plan For Home Care Workers
Loving this:
poopdogcomedy 03/02/2015 7 6 - -
OR-Sen: DFA Wants You To Call Wyden's (D) Office & Tell Him Not To Sell Us Out On The TPP
Received this e-mail today from Democracy for America: Earlier this week, we learned that ...
poopdogcomedy 02/20/2015 5 7 - -
MO-Sen: Jeff Merkley (D. OR) Helps Jason Kander (D) Get Ready To Take On Roy Blunt (R)
Received this e-mail today from Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR) in support of Secretary of State Jason Kander's (D. MO) U.S. Senate campaign:
poopdogcomedy 02/19/2015 6 8 - -
OR-Sen: DFA Goes After Ron Wyden (D) On The TPP
Received this e-mail today from Democracy for America:
poopdogcomedy 02/18/2015 5 12 - -
OH-Sen: Ted Strickland (D) Starts Fundraising For Potential U.S. Senate Run
Here's some more big news in terms of the U.S. Senate:
poopdogcomedy 02/17/2015 13 8 - -
WI-Sen: The NRSC Is Already Going After Russ Feingold (D)
They sound nervous. They should be:
poopdogcomedy 02/17/2015 25 20 - -
PA-Sen: Quinnipac Gives Toomey (R) A 10 Point Lead But Shows Sestak (D) Has A Lot Of Room To Grow
Quinnipac released their first Pennsylvania poll today showing that 62% of voters are optimistic about Governor Tom Wolf (D. PA) so the honeymoon for him isn't over for him. Now next year's U.S. ...
poopdogcomedy 02/10/2015 31 8 - -
PA-Sen: Uncovering Pat Toomey's (R) Newsletter, 2/6/15 Edition
poopdogcomedy 02/09/2015 4 7 - -
WI-Sen: Do You Want Russ Feingold (D) Back In The Senate? Let Him Know Now!
Received this e-mail from 21st Century Democrats Today regarding the upcoming U.S. Senate race in Wisconsin:
poopdogcomedy 02/06/2015 22 36 1 -
MO-Gov: Catharine Hanaway (R), "Liberal 'War On Women' May Lead To Child Porn"
Todd Akin is back but in a whole new form of former U.S. Attorney and Gubernatorial candidate, Catherine Hanaway (R. MO):
poopdogcomedy 02/04/2015 26 10 - -
NC-Gov & Sen: PPP Has McCrory (R) & Burr (R) Leading Opponents But Approval Numbers Still Mediocre
Some mixed news out of North Carolina today courtesy of PPP. First, there's Governor Pat McCrory (R. NC):
poopdogcomedy 02/03/2015 13 7 - -
PA-Sen: Uncovering Pat Toomey's (R) Newsletter, 1/31/15 Edition
Received this e-mail today from former Congressman and decorated Admiral, Joe Sestak's (D. PA) U.S. Senate campaign:
poopdogcomedy 02/02/2015 2 9 - -
AZ-Sen: McCain (R) Boots 'Low Life Scum' Code Pink Out Of Hearing With Henry Kissinger
Real classy John: Sen. John McCain earned some ...
poopdogcomedy 01/29/2015 7 9 - -
Chicago Mayor: DFA Fights Back Against Emanuel, Gets Behind The Chicago 7
Received this e-mail today from Democracy for America:
poopdogcomedy 01/27/2015 5 19 - -
NV & NY-Sen: Reid (D) & Schumer (D) Warn Obama That Dems Aren't With Him On The TPP
While President Obama gave a terrific STOU speech this week that highlighted an ambitious agenda ahead, he's getting some backlash on a certain part of his agenda:
poopdogcomedy 01/23/2015 8 32 2 -
KY-Sen: EPIC FAIL! Rand Paul (R) Misspells 'Frienship' In Snarky Tweet On Education Reform
Figured you all could use a laugh:
poopdogcomedy 01/22/2015 6 8 - -
OH-Sen: P.G. Sittenfeld (D) Slams Portman (R) As "Mr. Trade" & “Architect Of A Bush Budget”
With talks about the TPP on the site recently, I figured I'd pass along this story. First off, looks like we have our first Democrat jumping into the race to take on U.S. Senator Rob ...
poopdogcomedy 01/22/2015 10 7 - -
PA-Sen: PennEnvironment Goes After Toomey (R) & Casey (D) On Mercury Pollution Limits
Received this e-mail today from PennEnvironment: ...
poopdogcomedy 01/22/2015 1 4 - -
WA-Sen: Patty Murray (D) & Sherrod Brown (D. OH) Lead The Fight For Speedier Union Elections
Damn straight:
poopdogcomedy 01/22/2015 1 5 - -
KY-Gov: AFL-CIO Endorses Jack Conway (D) For Governor
One of the big Governor races we have this year is in Kentucky which I think is a very important race for us to win because the ACA state exchange program, Kynect, has been doing incredibly well ...
poopdogcomedy 01/21/2015 2 6 - -
FL-Sen: Marco Rubio (R), "I'll Give Up My Senate Seat If I Run For President"
poopdogcomedy 01/21/2015 13 10 - -
PA-Sen: PPP Shows A Very Competitive Race Here
Sestak vs. Toomey Round 2 PPP just released their first Pennsylvania U.S. Senate poll today and it looks like we have a real race here:
poopdogcomedy 01/20/2015 22 6 - -
KY-Sen: CREDO Action Goes After Rand Paul's (R) Attacks On Social Security Disability Benefits
Received this e-mail today from CREDO Action regarding Tea Party U.S. Senator and possible Presidential candidate, Rand Paul's (R. KY) attacks on Social Security disability benefits:
poopdogcomedy 01/20/2015 4 12 - -
CA-Sen: Courage Campaign & DFA Want To Know Who You Think The Dem Nominee Should Be
So yesterday I posted about Senator Elizabeth Warren (D. MA) endorsing Attorney General Kamala Harris (D. CA) in the race to succeed retiring Senator Barbara Boxer (D. CA). The response was mostly ...
poopdogcomedy 01/15/2015 4 4 - -
CA-Sen: Elizabeth Warren (D. MA) Goes All In For Kamala Harris (D)
Received this e-mail today from Senator Elizabeth Warren (D. MA) in support of Attorney General Kamala Harris' (D. CA) U.S. Senate campaign:
poopdogcomedy 01/14/2015 13 30 1 -
IL-Sen: Goes After Kirk (R) & Menendez (D. NJ) On Iran Sanctions Bill
Received this e-mail today from Last year Senators Menendez and Kirk tried to ...
poopdogcomedy 01/13/2015 6 8 - -
FL-Sen: Rubio (R), "Hillary Clinton As President Would Be A Death Blow To The American People"
poopdogcomedy 01/13/2015 29 16 - -
NH, AZ & NC-Sen: Ayotte (R), McCain (R) & Burr (R) Look To Restrict Obama On Gitmo
Send in the clowns:
poopdogcomedy 01/13/2015 6 1 - -
ND-Sen: John Hoeven (R) Admits GOP Senate 4 Votes Shy To Override Obama Veto On Keystone XL Pipeline
U.S. Senator John Hoeven (R. ND), the Senate's biggest cheerleader for the Keystone XL Pipeline, admits the GOP doesn't have the votes to override a veto from President Obama:
poopdogcomedy 01/11/2015 12 12 - -
NV-Sen: Harry Reid (D) Mocks McConnell (R. KY) For Taking Credit For The Economy
Good one, Mitch! Can't say that I blame him:
poopdogcomedy 01/09/2015 64 62 - -
WA-Gov: Inslee's (D) Pollution Solution Is To Tackle Water Toxics At The Source
We have a few Governor races coming up in 2016 in states like Montana, West Virginia, Indiana and North Carolina that will be big races but it's important that we also make sure Governor Jay ...
poopdogcomedy 01/08/2015 5 17 - -
IL-Sen: "Moderate" Mark Kirk (R) Goes Into Climate Denier Mode
Sounds like someone might be worried about a primary opponent from the right:
poopdogcomedy 01/08/2015 16 16 1 -
CA-Sen: Barbara Boxer (D) Officially Calls It Quits, Lists 100 Accomplishments
I received an e-mail today from U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D. CA) with a video message (posted above) that confirms that she will not be seeking another term in the U.S. Senate. Before ...
poopdogcomedy 01/08/2015 4 13 - -
AZ-Sen: Syrian Government Accuses John McCain (R) Of Entering Country Illegally
poopdogcomedy 01/07/2015 16 4 - -
NC-Sen: Richard Burr (R) Officially Declares He's Running For A Third Term
Game on:
poopdogcomedy 01/07/2015 11 5 - -
NV-Sen: BuzzFeed Gives Us A Preview Of Harry Reid's (D) Strategy As Senate Minority Leader
First off, I wish incoming Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D. NV) a speedy recovery from his injuries. But it looks like Reid isn't letting his injuries stand in the way of getting ready for ...
poopdogcomedy 01/07/2015 7 11 - -
NC-Gov: McCrory (R) To Meet With Obama To Discuss Medicaid Expansion
Sounds like someone's worried about his re-election prospects:
poopdogcomedy 01/06/2015 10 12 - -
PA-Sen: Cup Of Joe (Sestak (D)), January 5th, 2015
Happy New Year to my fellow Kossacks! So it's no secret that I am huge supporter of former Congressman and decorated Admiral, Joe Sestak's (D. PA) rematch against Tea Party U.S. Senator Pat Toomey (
poopdogcomedy 01/05/2015 5 3 - -
PA-Sen: Three Reasons Why Joe Sestak (D) Is Going To Be The Dem Nominee Who Defeats Pat Toomey (R)
Are you ready for Sestak (D) vs. Toomey (R) round 2? J.J. Balaban, a political operative who made the TV ads for former Congressman and decorated Admiral Joe Sestak’s (D. PA) 2010 U.S. Senate ...
poopdogcomedy 12/17/2014 37 20 - -
IA-Sen: Chuck Grassley (R) Claims Obama Is Encouraging Kids To Smoke Marijuana
Grumpy old Grandpa Chuck really needs to go home and take a weed nap:
poopdogcomedy 12/17/2014 8 9 - -
FL-Sen: Marco Rubio (R) On Cuba Deal, 'Obama's The Worst Negotiator Since Jimmy Carter'
Already getting outrage from this Presidential wannabe clown:
poopdogcomedy 12/17/2014 43 12 - -
PA-Sen: Uncovering Pat Toomey's (R) Newsletter, 12/14/14 Edition
Received this e-mail from Decorated Admiral, former Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate, Joe Sestak (D. PA), regarding Tea Party U.S. Senator Pat Toomey's (R. PA) weekly newsletter:
poopdogcomedy 12/15/2014 8 9 - -
PA-Sen: Uncovering Pat Toomey's (R) Newsletter, 12/8/14 Edition
Received this e-mail from Decorated Admiral, former Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate, Joe Sestak (D. PA), regarding Tea Party U.S. Senator Pat Toomey's (R. PA) weekly newsletter:
poopdogcomedy 12/10/2014 3 15 - -
KY-Sen: Rand Paul (R) Looks To Scandal-Ridden McConnell Campaign Manager For 2016 Run
poopdogcomedy 12/09/2014 3 3 - -
IL-Sen: Mark Kirk (R) Is Terrified Of Tammy Duckworth (D)
Someone sounds a little nervous about the idea of having to run for re-election against a decorated Iraq War veteran:
poopdogcomedy 11/21/2014 17 27 - -
Mike Nichols, Oscar-Winning Director Of 'The Graduate,' Dies At 83
I'm taking a break from my usual election diaries because it's a busy time for me at work and I have a lot of things I need to get done before the Holidays. I will squeeze in a few here and there ...
poopdogcomedy 11/20/2014 7 14 - -
NV, CO & WA-Sen: Dem Senate Leaders Pledge Support For Obama Actions On Immigration
poopdogcomedy 11/17/2014 2 4 - -
NV-Sen: Legalized Marijuana Is On The Ballot In 2016 & That Could Be Good News For Harry Reid (D)
Now here's something that could be very beneficial for soon-to-be Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid's (D. NV) re-election prospects in 2016:
poopdogcomedy 11/16/2014 9 9 - -
MT-Gov: Steve Bullock (D) Pushes For Medicaid Expansion In New Budget Proposal
We may not have a lot of high-profile Governor races in 2016 like we did in 2014. But one of the big ones will be in Montana and here's a big reason why we need to make sure Governor Steve Bullock (
poopdogcomedy 11/16/2014 4 9 1 -
SD-Sen: Thune (R) Won't Dismiss Talk Of Shutdown Over Immigration
Put your money where your mouth is:
poopdogcomedy 11/16/2014 10 4 - -
PA-Sen: DSCC Chairman Tester, Make Progressives Happy, Back Joe Sestak's (D) Campaign Now
Ok, so on the front page there is a discussion about Senator Jon Tester (D. MT) being selected to become the new Chairman of the DSCC. Tester will have to recruit candidates in a year with a more ...
poopdogcomedy 11/14/2014 20 8 - -
IL-Sen: Tammy Duckworth (D) Expresses Interest In Running Against Mark Kirk (R) In 2016
So there were rumors that Iraq War Veteran, Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D. IL-08), might pass up the chance to run against Senator Mark Kirk (R. IL) because she is expecting her first child. Well guess ...
poopdogcomedy 11/14/2014 29 23 - -
OH-Sen: NOM Hell-Bent On Defeating Rob Portman (R)
Maybe this will make Senator Rob Portman (R. OH) re-think that whole Presidential run:
poopdogcomedy 11/13/2014 5 13 - -
LA & NV-Sen: Mary Landrieu (D) Stabs Harry Reid (D) In The Back
You'd think after agreeing to bring up the Keystone XL Pipeline for a vote, Senator Mary Landrieu (D. LA) would be thanking Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D. NV). Well guess what: http://...
poopdogcomedy 11/13/2014 45 16 1 -
MT-Sen: Jon Tester (D) Named The New DSCC Chairman
I like this: Sen. Jon ...
poopdogcomedy 11/13/2014 23 13 1 -
NV-Sen: Dean Heller (R) Is Already Pushing Brian Sandoval (R) To Run Against Harry Reid (D) In 2016
Gov. Brian Sandoval (R. NV) They're wasting no time on ...
poopdogcomedy 11/12/2014 12 4 1 -
FL-Sen: Marco Rubio (R) & Paul Ryan (R. WI) To Introduce Alternative To Obamacare
Oh this ought to be good:
poopdogcomedy 11/12/2014 23 20 - -
KY-Sen: Rand Paul (R) Thinks Hillary Clinton Is Too Old To Run For President
Really? That's the best attack line you have?
poopdogcomedy 11/11/2014 38 13 - -
GA-Sen: Johnny Isakson (R) Will Formally Announce Re-Election Bid Next Week
Game on then:
poopdogcomedy 11/11/2014 7 5 - -
MO-Sen: Roy Blunt (R) Claims Obama's Support For Net Neutrality Laws Are Bad For Jobs & Consumers
poopdogcomedy 11/11/2014 8 10 - -
PA-Sen: Joe Sestak (D) Exposes Pat Toomey's (R) Abysmal & Hypocritical Record On Veterans
Happy Veterans Day to all those who served. I received this e-mail today from decorated Admiral and former Congressman Joe Sestak's (D. PA) U.S. Senate campaign that highlights Tea Party Senator ...
poopdogcomedy 11/11/2014 6 10 - -
KY-Sen: Rand Paul (R) Wrote Foreword For 9/11 Truther Napolitano's Book
Good look trying to win the 2016 GOP nominee with info like this:
poopdogcomedy 11/10/2014 3 7 - -
OH-Sen: Rob "I Support Marriage Equality" Portman (R) Agrees With Judge Who Upheld Gay Marriage Ban
This guy is just such a weasel:
poopdogcomedy 11/10/2014 11 9 1 -
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